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Ragnarok—the cyclical occurrence resulting in the slaughter and resurgence of the universe—is once more coming to pass, taking with it the best warriors that can be offered up to the jaws of Fenrir and his monstrous kin.

From birth, descendants of the Norse deities are trained for one thing only: to fight in this battle, to delay the waves of undead long enough for their superiors to meet their glorious fates in battle. Yet by its very nature, this horrifying end of days is destined to infinitely repeat. For one warrior and father, he has seen his children slain too many times, and he searches for a way to free them of their perpetual resurrection.

On Earth, Hailey Bennett’s academic career is falling apart. Haunted by the memories of a mother who never thought her capable, abysmal results at the end of the semester leave her feeling as though her world is quickly “ending.” When her ill-fated return home leaves her abandoned on a city sidewalk with a fractured skull, she is saved by one of the lower-level gods seeking refuge from their coming doomsday. Little does she know is not the first of their victims, and little does she know she is not the last.

Hailey has no memory of the incident save for vague whispers in her head that are not her own, but as the summer progresses she learns that her sister Rasha has been having visions of the traitorous gods and the apocalypse from which they flee. Though the shambling masses spotted at the edge of town and in the woods are initially dismissed as drug-users, and the sporadic crime spikes throughout the state are blamed as acts of delinquency, Hailey fears the cosmic gravitas of the truth begins to wonder if the end is coming for them all.




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