The Official Bio:

Roxanne Heath’s interests and ambitions have changed a plethora of times, but the one constant has been her affinity for fiction. Inspired by the works of C.S. Lewis and Madeleine L’Engle, Roxanne began writing short stories at the age of seven, progressing to novellas by the age of twelve, and completing her first novel-length story at the age of fifteen. Keeping her love for the craft alive throughout a rigorous, scientific academic career, she published her first novel at the age of twenty-two (Smoke) and her second novel a year later (Risen). Her style of writing is self-described as new adult dark fantasy, grounded in the realism and grit of the real world yet often enhanced by those things which lurk in the shadows.

The Fun Version:

Indie author. Coffee and sunflowers are my favorite. When I’m not writing, I’m procrastinating that act by collecting quotes and designing covers for works that may never see the light of day. Welcome to my website!

Swing by the #bookshelf to see what’s been published, check out the #quotebook, drop me a line, or just click around until you find something you like. If you feel like connecting with me on social media, I spend a considerable chunk of my life wasting time on Twitter and Facebook, and sometimes I post macro photography and bookstagram things on my Instagram.